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MSYSA, WMYSA and RASC are transitioning from GotSoccer to Stack Sports for registration, website and other communications. As a result, our website and other sites you are used to, will be changing over the coming months. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact us via Email.

Red Arrow Tryouts!

2020-2021 Red Arrow Soccer Club Academy

Red Arrow Soccer Club is now registering boys and girls with 2013 and 2014 birthdays for our Academy program. Academy players will receive weekly training sessions with licensed coaches and participate in the West Michigan Youth Soccer Association's Jamborees. Players will also receive winter training included with their registration.

Fees are $75 for the year and include spring and fall outdoor practices, games, winter training and a t-shirt!

Register Here

* Opportunities to play indoor soccer during the winter months may be available and have additional fees.

Return to Play

Red Arrow Soccer Club is committed to the safe return to training and play. As we near the time to return to the game, please keep these guidelines in mind for your team, player and family. These guidelines will be adjusted by the RASC Board of Directors as conditions permit to allow further player comfort while maintaining safety in accordance with league, state and federal guidelines. Thank you for your continued support and committment to safety. Coaches and Managers should download and print copies for team binders here.

Return to Play Plan

Symptom/Positive Test Protocol

Stay Safe on the Field

Return to Play Plan & Procedures

Club Responsibilities

  • Procedures communicated to all coaches, players, and families.
  • If a player or coach displays or reports feeling ill or symptoms of COVID-19, they will be sent home and advised to contact their healthcare provider. Coaches and the RASC Board of Directors will discuss when the player or coach may return to practice.
  • If there is a report of a positive test result, confidentiality will be maintained and a member of the RASC Board of Directors will inform all parties who may have come in contact with them, as well as work with local health officials.
  • The RASC Board of Directors reserves the right to shut down practices for any length of time if deemed necessary. Coach Responsibilities
  • Monitor own health and symptoms, checking temperature before activities, and report any concerns to the Board of Directors.
  • Wear a mask before and after all practices and if/when you cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet.
  • Complete electronic health tracking form for self and all players before each practice may begin.
  • Send home any player who displays or reports feeling ill or symptoms of COVID-19 immediately and report to the RASC Board of Directors.
  • Report any players who have tested positive or come in contact with someone who tested positive to the RASC Board of Directors.
  • Remind players to use their own equipment (ball, water, bag, etc.) and place it 6 feet away from other player's items.
  • Solely handle all team equipment (cones, etc.)
  • Do not allow scrimmaging or shared use of jerseys or pennies until further guidance is provided.
  • Conduct practice while following social distancing guidelines.
  • Sanitize team equipment after every practice.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Check your child's temperature before activities. If your child displays or reports feeling ill or COVID-19 symptoms, do not send them to practice.
  • If your child becomes ill, tests positive for COVID-19 or comes in contact with someone who has tested positive, please contact and report to your coach immediately.
  • Ensure your child has all necessary equipment for practices as they will not be permitted to share or borrow.
  • Wash any clothing after worn at practices.
  • Sanitize any equipment (cleats, ball, shin guards, etc.) before and after each practice.
  • Provide your child with necessary sanitizing products for use during practices as they will not be permitted to share.
  • Review social distancing and hygiene practices with your child.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines by staying in your vehicle or wearing a mask if you cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet. It is recommended to not carpool if possible.

Player Responsibilities

  • Take your temperature or have a parent take your temperature before practices.
  • If you are not feeling well, report it to your parent(s) and coach.
  • Wear a mask before and after all practices and if/when you cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet.
  • Wash your hands before and after every practice.
  • Bring and use your own equipment (ball, water, etc.) and hand sanitizer to every practice. Do not share anything.
  • Maintain social distancing including bags and equipment.
  • No high-5s, hugs, handshakes, fist-bumps, etc.
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